A Physician's Shocking Journey to Life after Death


"Diagnosis? God? Really? A diagnosis requires real evidence that you can analyze. Isn't faith a belief in something that you cannot prove? The doctor is Greg Viehman, and his diagnosis will challenge what you believe, make you think about why you believe, and motivate you to live what you believe."
Rick E. Graves, JD

" "The God Diagnosis" is an intriguing look at a personal journey to discover meaning in life. Dr. Viehman shares the story of how a life that had everything the American dream could offer – education, money, position, popularity, and a loving wife and family – left him profoundly empty and angry. With a great distaste for empty religion and its hypocritical proponents, he shares what would turn out to be his greatest medical discovery. The examinations are thorough, the tests complex, and the diagnosis unmistakable, he was dead. As you read these pages, you will not only find the concrete proof for his diagnosis, but you will also discover the cure. This book is a must read for everyone who truly wants to find meaning in life."
Alan T. E. Benson, BA, MM, MDiv

"This is the most profound and compelling personal testimony of a man seeking answers for eternity that I've ever read. Dr. Viehman vividly articulates his passage through all the stages of this journey with such clarity and realism the reader relives it with him. His chronicled blend of personal reflections and accounts, scrutiny of scripture pro and con, and historical information is both riveting and soundly convincing of the veracity of his final diagnosis. This is the remarkable adventure of a medical doctor who in his mid-thirties made a discovery that permanently changed his life and eternity, and Dr. Viehman’s diagnosis may change yours too."
Mike Hockett, Retired Colonel USAF

"A must-read! Strap yourself in for a journey into the unseen. See through the eyes of a keen observer and the mind of a trained medical doctor following the evidence wherever it leads. Bring along both your head and your heart to see clues assembled like a crime-scene investigation. But it's not a crime scene we are investigating . . . "
Bill Dunn, MSAE

"As a pastor I completely, thoroughly enjoyed this book even at times, couldn't wait to hear what happens next. As a pastor I find myself reading very often, and the truth is, I sometimes dread reading another book, because I’m usually reading to study for preparation for a sermon. This book was different. It's fun! It really takes you on the journey of an individual trying to fill a void, what I call a "God shaped" hole, only to discover after careful research that God is the only one who can fill that void. Which over time brings him to total transformation by the power of God's Word. If you have questions or searching for answers, or perhaps there’s something missing in your life, this book is for you."
Pastor Rodney Finch, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Cary NC

"Dr. Viehman is a physician in his lab coat, stethoscope around his neck with the results of a total examination in hand informing us of the diagnosis for the human race. He concludes we are not spiritually healthy, not just sick, not even terminal. We are already dead - flat-lined. The examination concluded we can't get better on our own no matter our goodness or resources. The diagnosis and treatment come from a noted physician who had to recognize the paradox of misery brought on by success. A must read for all who are searching!"
Thomas C. Womble Jr, MDiv, DD

"A captivating journey of a successful, family-oriented surgeon who by the world’s standards had everything to make him happy, however, he soon discovered that fame and fortune only left him empty without peace or meaning in his life. In "The God Diagnosis" Dr. Viehman uses his training as a researcher and physician to make the most critical diagnosis of his life."
S. Duane Tester, RPh, MBA

"Is there more to life than this? The question has plagued many people throughout history. Dr. Greg Viehman embarks on a fascinating voyage to find the real answer to this question and after close examination of the facts provides his diagnosis. "The God Diagnosis" is a must read for anyone who has ever sought to get the answers to life’s most important questions."
Johnny Rivera, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Cary

"Dr. Viehman’s book is an amazingly candid journey through his systematic and logical exploration of the foundations of Christianity in order to disprove and dismiss it. Through his research he encounters the life-giving breath of God and finds what his heart has been crying out for- true living Love. This work is an incredible resource for those who are searching for abundant life."
Kerri Andrews, RN

"This is the account of a man searching for truth in a world filled with facades. As a pastor, I receive many books through various sources to read and review. Honestly, most of them warrant a chapter or two, and then they end up on my shelf. Greg’s book was different in that it was honest, straight-forward, humorous, refreshing, and well-written. I was captivated by Greg’s story, his experiences, the emotions he felt, and his honest assessment of his life. I would recommend this book to anyone."
Clay Ritter, Senior Pastor Calvary Chapel Wilmington

"Dr. Viehman has been on an amazing journey. In “The God Diagnosis,” he combines a lucid writing style with his knowledge and skill as a physician to provide a very candid account of his search for eternity. His writing is refreshing, informative, encouraging and honest. It is “fast-paced,” thoughtful and thorough.

He provides a wealth of instruction based upon his own careful research and experiences. This book is an outstanding read for anyone having doubts about the veracity of the Scriptures and the restoration of man to the life mankind was originally designed to enjoy."
David S. Braden, B.S.C.E., M. Div.

"From skepticism to eternal security, doubter to believer, confusion to clarity… Greg Viehman honestly unravels his own secular reservations about Christianity by systematically investigating each doubt. The book is fully supported by scripture and lots of supportive facts. It is a great read for anyone who is seeking answers about the truth of Christianity."
Rebecca Donzanti Offner, RN, BSN, MS